Although I am a freelance photographer covering multiple genres, my shooting style tends to be candid, photojournalism-style photography. In other words, rather than the photographer manipulating the subject and environment, photojournalism-style photography requires her to make the most of whatever circumstances she encounters. Subjects tend to either be unaware they are being photographed or are otherwise not posing for the camera.

Shooting photojournalism-style often means anticipating what’s going to happen and where it’s going to happen in order to position oneself and have the right lens and camera settings ready. A lot of running is sometimes involved! This shooting style frequently requires quick reactions to erratic or rapidly moving subjects and changing conditions in order to capture a fleeting moment, while still maintaining an eye for composition and attending to all the technical aspects of good photography.

Some of the photos below are recent, while others are scans of negatives from my days as an award-winning newspaper photographer.